Simple Form Processing and E-mailing with CFFormMail

I posted a new project today to RIA Forge called CFFormMail. This project is a ColdFusion port of the venerable formmail Perl script found on Matt's Script Archive. Every attempt was made to make this a drop-in replacement for the perl script, so that the only necessary change in an existing html form is to modify the form action from to formmail.cfm.

Beyond the port, some new functionality has been added, most significantly is integration with Jake Munson's CF Form Protect to help deter form spam. I also began the integration of language resource bundles, but currently only have an English translation.

I created this processing engine last year and had planned on posting it on RIA Forge, but completely forgot about doing so until I read Ben Nadel's recent post on Generic Form Processing and Emailing in ColdFusion. Mine was designed as a drop-in replacement for (but can certainly be used on new forms!) with support for all the parameters in the original Perl version, while the code in Ben's post appears to have a subset of the functionality of the Perl version plus the ability to handle file uploads.

Hopefully you will find this script useful. I welcome any suggestions for improvements and also any additional language translations you would like to include (submit them translated also). Please post suggestions to the forums over at the project site.

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I'm not a CF programmer but toy with it... I like to install the CFFormMail script but I get the folling error on my server. After over an hour looking on line for an answer I thought I would shoot it your way. When running the initial test.. the error page says

Error Diagnostic Information
Just in time compilation error

Invalid parser construct found on line 10 at position 55. ColdFusion was looking at the following text:

Invalid expression format. The usual cause is an error in the expression structure.
The last successfully parsed CFML construct was a CFSET tag occupying document position (10:2) to (10:7).

the following line does not seem to run...
<cfset formMail=CreateObject("component", "formmail").init()>

any idea, do I have an old version of CF on my host compnay, do they block something..

Any help would be great
# Posted By Adam | 6/17/08 4:49 PM

What version of ColdFusion are you running? It should work on CF 6+, although I've only tested it on CF7/8. If you are running CF7/8, send me the full error (with the full error output turned on in cf admin) to blogger -at- mkville - dot- com.

# Posted By Mark Mazelin | 6/18/08 1:22 PM
Thanx for this! You just made my day :-)
# Posted By jax | 7/21/08 6:06 PM
Always returns invalid recipient. I have changed the recipient field to my emal address, but still get the error. Any help would be great.
# Posted By Dwayne | 3/10/09 5:49 PM
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