Over the past several months I have been in contact with the former head of the Greater Dayton ColdFusion Users Group (Dayton, Ohio). The group seems to have fizzled out, but I have an interest in trying to revive it.

My first step in doing that is accomplished. I have been in contact with Macromedia and have officially signed up to head the Greater Dayton CFUG.

The next step came closer to reality tonight as I was finally able to secure the login and password for the website. Since at least August of 2004, it appears the site has simply had the words "Coming Back Soon!" listed. I intend to change that soon now that I have the login information.

As I begin to develop this group again, rest assured that I will have more posts on this topic. I have some high hopes for this group, some of which may pan out, and some of which will likely die on the vine. But I know of several people already that I can gather together for the first meeting (yet to be scheduled or planned). It should be an interesting ride.

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